Alexandra handles all types of business transactions from the beginning to the end. She can incorporate your company, private or not-for-profit, assist you in structuring it to minimize your tax implications and advise you on the benefits of having a signed shareholders’ agreement to minimize any potential conflicts.

Alexandra has received extensive training in mediation and alternative dispute resolution. These skills are found to be very useful when negotiating the details of corporate transactions. Alexandra understands that for many, their businesses have been or will become their livelihood and that much time, effort, hard work, and money have been invested into these businesses. This is why the service you will receive focuses on every aspect of the transaction and is completed in a professional and personal manner.

corporate commercial services include :

  • Incorporations
  •  Asset / share purchases
  •  Shareholder agreements
  •  Partnership agreements
  •  Limited partnership agreements
  •  Confidentiality agreements
  •  Letters of intent
  •  Amalgamations
  •  Corporate restructuring
  •  Security agreement preparation / registration
  •  Options
  •  Guarantees
  •  Loans
  •  Leases